Outside Classroom activities.

Learning doesn’t end up in classroom,there are lots of activities to get engaged in extra curricular activities.

Sports and Culture

We believe strongly in an old saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A healthy body requires regular physical exercises. To make this happen, our students have an opportunity to experience a variety of activities. We have facilities such as football pitch, volleyball pitch and netball court. Students also get to participate in sports bonanza and various interschool competitions inside and outside Adili.

AHS football team after one of the wins


Cultural heritage – AHS preserves culture (AHS Students in Maasai dress code)

Talents development and recreational activities

Students engage themselves in variety of activities, discover a variety of art forms and develop their talents. The activities include Art, Music and Drama. In Music students express their creativity through singing, dancing, drumming and playing various musical instruments such as guitar and piano. In drama, students learn to have a sophisticated approach to performances.

AHS got talents


Fun with CocaCola

The department includes History, Geography, Civics and General studies. History, Geography and Civics are compulsory to all O level students while General Studies is compulsory to all A level students.In History,students are engaged and guided through exploration of the past. The field trips in History have included a visit to various historical sites in Tanzania such as Amboni caves,Olduvai Gorge, Bagamoyo – Kaole, Old fort,caravan serai, National Museum and Boma museum (Arusha). Geography taking students visit various places such as Ngorongoro crater and other places that carter for the topics to study volcanoes , earthquakes, rivers,rocks,coastal development ,vegetations,populations and other geographical features.Cross cutting issues are studied in Civics and General studies.



A Social Study Tour to Bagamoyo

Business department offers Commerce, Book keeping, Economics and Accountancy subjects. Business students in O level study Commerce and Book keeping while those in A level study Commerce, Economics and Accountancy. In addition to classroom activities, students conduct topic –related educational tours to relevant places to put the theory concepts into practice.

The language department offers English and Kiswahili Languages.These are compulsory to all students in O level and to those taking Language combinations in A level. Since English is not the first language to our students but also a language of instruction, students strengthen their skills through various activities such as morning speeches, debates, writing competitions, drama and other oral speaking activities.

LANG1       LANG2       LANG3

  Reading Competition Rehearsal                                      Drama in Session                                                    Role Play

This is the department where students are introduced to technology. It ensures that students are given a modern interactive learning environment. The department is equipped with ICT equipment used for teaching ICT and also used by other departments for accessing ICT across the curriculum.


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