The School Curriculum is tailored to suit the educational system for East Africa given the current need to harmonize the syllabus for the East African Countries. AHS carters for Science, Arts and Commercial studies


O - Level Program

AHS offers Science, Arts and Commercial studies to O level students.

Form 1 - 2 have to register for 12 subjects, including Bible knowledge. IT programme is also conducted to provide a foundation for relevant skills.

Form 3 - 4 have to register for 10 subjects. At this level, students have a choice of subjects, either to opt for Science or Commercial subjects. Bible knowledge is compulsory to all.

A – Level Program

AHS started offering Advanced Level program in July 2016. Pre Form Five program begins in May every year. It recruits those wish to pursue their Advanced Level studies at Adili and even in other schools.

AHS offer PCM, PCB, CBG,PGM, EGM, ECA, HGL, HGK and HKL combinations to  A – Level students. They are categorized as Science, Business and Arts combinations.

  1. Science combinations
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Advanced Mathematics (PCM)
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB)
  • Physics, Geography, and Advanced Mathematics (PGM)
  • Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG)
  1. BBusiness
  • Economics, Commerce, and Accountancy, (ECA)
  • Economics, Geography, and Advanced Mathematics, (EGM)
  1. Arts
  • History, Geography and Economics (HGE)
  • History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK)
  • History, Geography and Language (HGL)
  • History, Kiswahili, and Language (HKL)
  1. Subsidiary subjects
  • Basic Applied Mathematics (BAM)
  • General Studies, (GS)


The School prepares students to sit for Examinations under National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) system.Moreover, the school regards sports as an integral part of the education system and computer studies as an essential learning tool. Ethics is a compulsory subject for all. The school has all necessary resources to support students. The environment is highly conducive, aids students to achieve their educational goals. Visit Adili, observe the difference!!


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